Back in Titusville

1/7 Monday, 75/55, sunny, winds light & variable, 1137.3 - Knowing what the bumps in the night were, we slept more soundly. Coquille again caught her limit by daybreak and Dobbs spent time shoveling dead fish overboard. I was up at 5am and Dobbs at 6, in order to get an early start on traveling back to Titusville. That way, if the engine gave us trouble, we’d have time to work out a solution. The easterly wind that was forecast didn’t show until an hour after we were tucked into our slip - we motored the whole way home, under brilliant blue sky and perfect clouds that seemed to stretch on forever.

The engine did start to heat up the minute Dobbs throttled back to dock. We’ll seek the wisdom of our Sensei (Brad B) tomorrow and pour over internet articles to learn what more we can do to remedy the problem. With the thermostat out, at least for now, the engine temperature stays within an acceptable range. I’d like it to be more reliable than that for the 1000 miles we have to go come March.

Shortly after we returned, I walked up to Sav-A-Lot for more groceries. Each trip, I carry a backpack and a bag, so a week’s worth of groceries might take me two or three trips over the course of a couple days. This one was a heavy one - milk, pet food, carrots, broccoli - dense things; no bread or pretzels - I’d guess about 30 pounds - it felt like a good workout. Dobbs took care of putting Grace away from our travels and hanging our little dodger awning. He worked out a deal with a neighbor whose bicycle had fallen into the water that he’d clean it up in exchange for being able to share use of it, so when I got home from shopping, that’s what he was working on.

I put the groceries away and then put my feet up in the cockpit and read for a while. At 4pm, I went for a shower. Then Dobbs and I shared a bite, to stave off our hunger for another hour or two. I’d bought a top round steak, so I put that in a marinade. Later, I seared it in the skillet and served it with sides of roasted cauliflower and baked potatoes. Dobbs is washing the dishes (he’s a water-intensive washer, so we limit Dobbs’ washing of the dishes to when we’re dockside). We have some quiet music on the stereo (or whatever one calls the tiny box that produces amazing sound-quality these days…). It feels good to be “home” to Titusville.