Back in the Bosun's Chair

12/4, 61/39, sunny, N10-15>5-10 - Introducing and marketing our services to the slipholders here harkens back to when Dobbs and I were first getting started on the Upper Chesapeake Bay - no one knows us - who we are, are we trustworthy? We’re kind of quirky, and many people don’t quite understand what it is we do. It’s like going on twenty first dates and hoping they all work out.

This morning, after breakfast, we made sure we had the flyer uploaded successfully to my phone. We were waiting until 10am to borrow the car, to let the day warm up so that when we finished at Staples we could play a little tennis. We took care of some office work and I walked up and bought 20lbs. of ice. At 10am, we headed out to Staples. I’m amazed at the advances in technology. I was able to e-mail the flyer to the printer/copier and it e-mailed me a reply with a confirmation number I had to type in to start the printing (along with offering it our credit card). After the initial “this is all new” panic, reduced by a helpful staff member, we printed out 10 pages, two flyers to a page. Dobbs used the cutting tool to halve each sheet.


When we finished, we had about a half hour to play tennis at Chaplin Community Park. We stopped with a tie - 3-3 - when it was time to return the car to the marina. It felt great to be playing again - to feel my heart and lungs and legs really working. I worked up a good appetite for lunch too.


After lunch, we put a load of laundry through the washer and dryer. Then we donned our Walden Rigging work clothes and went on display. Dobbs climbed Grace’s mast to take pictures for the masthead view on our monthly newsletter.


We walked up and down the docks, introducing ourselves and handing out flyers to every boat owner we saw. We’ll do this again daily until we’ve met everyone, run out of flyers, or have some work to do. Dobbs and I both enjoyed being “Walden Rigging” again. Dobbs offered some hands-on quick fixes to demonstrate our skills.

Dobbs talked with Adam of the S2 “Knot Yeti” about removing core from the furling line so that it fits better on the drum.

Dobbs talked with Adam of the S2 “Knot Yeti” about removing core from the furling line so that it fits better on the drum.

The high was only 61 today, but the sun was bright, the wind light, and it felt refreshingly warmer. Inspired by our neighbors, I’ve strung some Christmas lights up in the cockpit.


Dinner was roasted pepper curry. I roasted and canned a lot of peppers this summer and this dish is easy to make and incredibly nutritious and flavorful. I use about three times the greens it calls for and tomatoes I rehydrate from dried. Try it!