Happy Friday, Welcome February

2/1 Friday, 73/59, cloudy, ESE 15 - I’m actually writing this at 7:45pm Saturday night. Now…what did we do yesterday?

Start at the beginning…up at 6am; coffee, everything bagels with cream cheese and omelets with green pepper, onion, and kale. I created two blog pages, reviewed our budget, and paid our bills. I also worked up an estimate for a fellow who would like the anchor/tricolor light replaced on his Islander 36. Meanwhile Dobbs continued to troubleshoot the “mystery click” in our ignition.

When we turn the key to start the engine, we often get a “click” instead of starting on the first turn. In recent memory, the engine starts consistently on the second key turn. Batteries are about a year old, AGM, and well-maintained, starter is new, ignition switch is new. This time, he replaced the wiring between the starter and the ignition - still the “click”. We haven’t yet replaced the battery cables (but we know the connections are good). I read somewhere online that it might help if we turn the key to the “accessory” position, wait 5 seconds, and then turn to start. We tried this twice, a couple hours apart, and both times the engine started on the first try. We’d really like to understand why this works - this is science, after all. Perhaps there is some sort of field that gets drawn away from the solenoid and spending a moment or two at “accessory” energizes the electromagnet in the solenoid.

After lunch, Deborah from the office came by with a fellow seeking input on options for handling the screecher on his Super Tramp trimaran. We invited him back to Grace (his boat is up north) so Dobbs could draw things out on paper and make suggestions.

At 2:30pm, we rode to the park to play tennis, which was a welcome break for me from sitting at the table figuring. Then, at 4:30pm, we had an appointment to meet a client to review an estimate and receive a deposit.


It’s Friday, so it’s potluck night. I stir-fried a pile of broccoli and dressed it with lemon, butter, salt and pepper. Dobbs and I walked up to the picnic area and joined the other folks gathered there. We ate like kings - egg rolls, barbequed chicken, broccoli, baked beans, potato and macaroni salads, chips, and key lime pie. Some people played cards; we just talked about community and sailing and boat repairs until we felt the V-berth calling.