Another Quiet Saturday

12/15, 66/48, sunny, W5-10 - We stayed in bed until well after the sun was up, or at least theoretically up, in dense fog and rain. I made a hearty breakfast of bacon and kale, eggs and toast and stayed in my pajamas until almost noon.


While Dobbs took Murphy on his morning stroll, I wrote for our blog and replied to some friends’ comments on Facebook, and then my Mom called around 10:30am. We had a nice long talk, catching up on the details of our lives. I made lunch. In the afternoon, I reviewed the photos from Thursday’s rigging inspection and sent them over to the client. The sky cleared and the sun shone brightly, inspiring Dobbs, Murphy, and me to go for a long walk on the paths that meander through the community.

Today was warm enough to have the hatches and ports open for several hours.

I made chicken Caesar salad for dinner and pressure-cooked a second breast at the same time, for enchiladas later in the week.

Suzanne Fryberger2 Comments