Conjuring a Parts Miracle

2/18 Monday, 1146.8, 80’s/60’s, sunny, W10 - The Taylors moved quickly on deciding which projects they wanted our help with, which meant I could dive into parts ordering. Dobbs went to Drakkar and installed the new LED steam/deck light mostly by himself. When I reached a good stopping point with parts, I walked over to help. We finished the remaining work together. One boat down!

Then we moved on to Oasis on D-dock, where Dobbs installed a wrapstop for a Profurl system that didn’t have one and was experiencing halyard wrap with a new sail. Lastly, we walked back to Planet Express on B-dock to plan out a preventer system. Throughout the day I continued to wrangle parts, figuring out what could be sourced where and in such a way that we could have it before the weekend. By dinner time, my brain was fried and Dobbs was worn thin. Murph got a bath while I made dinner - meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans.


Days like today, a shower and bed feels like a spa treatment.