A Weekend at Still Pond, Part 1

5/11 Saturday, 64/54, partly cloudy, NW5-10, 1344.0 - The way the forecast looked last evening, I expected an overcast day with not much wind. Instead, by 8am the sun was shining through the trees at Red Point and a breeze was rustling their leaves.


Relishing the end of a physically wearying work week, Dobbs and I took our time with breakfast and packing our things to go to Grace. Even so, by 10:30am, we were aboard and filling water and fuel tanks, making preparations to get underway.


Our neighbors with Carly B, a Watkins 30, headed out about 15 minutes before us - we gave chase. We set sail just beyond Bay Boat Works’ mooring field.

Carly B was south, off Carpenter’s Point, so we sailed that direction for a rendezvous and met up approaching Cara Cove from the west.

Then we turned south and broad-reached down the Northeast River. Passing Camp Rodney, we could see a couple tents dotting the cliff - I imagine the campers have a beautiful view, overlooking the Susquehanna Flats. The breeze was really fine.


Turkey Point Lighthouse came into view around 1pm.


As we crossed the Bay toward Howell Point, we spied our friend Doug and crew motoring his new-to-him Gemini 3200 catamaran Kiltara home to Havre de Grace - they’d left Solomons yesterday and spend the night in Annapolis.

A few miles farther on, we passed Walden Rigging client Tom out single-handing his Seawind catamaran Didgeridoo.

The breeze started to lighten, so we hoisted the spinnaker. It kept us wafting along at about 3 knots all the way to Still Pond.


We motored into Still Pond Creek and anchored, then launched the dinghy and also changed out our heasail from genoa to jib, as it sounds like we’ll be beating to windward in a Small Craft Advisory tomorrow. Dobbs rowed Murphy to shore, earlier than normal to avoid getting caught in the rain we knew was coming. Pete Jensen arrived with Dogwood Bark , taking his mooring ball for the season.


When Dobbs rowed back out, he stopped by to say “Hello”.


We both had voracious appetites and mowed through cheese and crackers, washed down with coffee to give us the energy to stay awake through dinner. I made stir-fried chicken and broccoli served over penne alfredo.


Through dinner, what had been drizzle grew to a steady rain pattering on the deck - it’s pleasant. We’re listening to the Brandenberg Concerto; the oil lamps are lit; Dobbs is reading, Maxwell tucked in by his side, and Murphy is lying at my feet. We’ve had a fine day.

Suzanne Fryberger