A Weekend at Still Pond, Part 3

5/13 Monday, 54/48, RAIN, NE10-15 (I didn’t note the engine hours because we dashed away from the boat so quickly) - Rain, rain, rain. Cold, damp, downright unpleasant boating conditions. I knocked together some breakfast with the remaining brioche and bananas, Dobbs rowed Murphy to shore, we loaded the dinghy, and were underway around 8am.

While there was enough wind to sail, we would have been beating on a falling tide, and we learned years ago not to do that (with Grace’s pointing angles, it’s like running on a treadmill).

We motored all the way home. It was bone-chilling cold and wet. We took turns going below and warming ourselves by the portable propane heater - it helped a lot.


Almost home!

That’s Red Point up ahead.

As soon as Grace was in her slip with lines on, we made a mad dash of packing up to go home to hot showers and our pellet stove.

Suzanne Fryberger