A Quiet Saturday

12/8, 52/45, cloudy, NE20-25>30 - We didn’t do much today, and that made for a relaxing Saturday. With the approaching storm, the docks are pretty quiet, absent of the typical weekend bustle. We drew out the morning, sitting at the table in our pajamas until 9am. Grace’s warm wood and brass interior felt cozy against the cloudy gray sky. I wrote while finishing a cup of coffee.

We attended to our basic chores and otherwise lounged. I started learning Spanish using a free online course. I’ve wanted to study Spanish for many years, since our first stay in Marathon, and here at the marina I have a great opportunity - several of the marina’s staff are from Venezuela and speak both Spanish and English. Every day, I interact with at least three people who learned English as a second language. They’re friendly and easy-going, and they know what it’s like to learn a new language - I don’t feel too bashful trying out new phrases with them. Today I stuck to “Buenas tardes”; tomorrow I want to use at least one more phrase, even if it’s “Lo siento, no entiendo.”

Dobbs and I practiced juggling for an hour and we both noted marked improvement over yesterday. Muscle memory is pretty fun to train. By 4pm, rain was starting to fall and is forecast to last, along with a gale warning, through tomorrow morning. We took Murphy for a quick, damp walk and then ducked back inside.

Dinner was fettucine alfredo with snow peas, onions, garlic, and diced ham. I picked and dehydrated the peas in June and they kept beautifully, sealed in a ziplock bag. I continue to be impressed by how well the dehydrated vegetables “come back to life”. The snow peas maintained a nice texture too, which they lose when canned. If you’re considering joining a CSA (community supported agriculture) like Flying Plow Farm but are concerned about being overwhelmed by a bountiful harvest, buy a simple dehydrator. It makes quick work of pounds of vegetables, and then you’ll get to enjoy their deliciousness year-round. We enjoyed cups of chocolate milk for dessert, washed the dishes, and are looking forward to playing cards.

Working toward a winning hand at gin rummy.

Working toward a winning hand at gin rummy.