A Much Better Slip and a Ride to Mims

1/31 Thursday, 63/57, cloudy, E10-15 - Grace see-sawed and lurched all night long. I slept in 2-hour increments at best, which fortified my enthusiasm to relocate this morning. We had our breakfast and I walked Murphy. Dobbs replaced the engine’s thermostat yet again, this time with a genuine (and pricey) one from Catalina Direct that he has not modified by drilling additional holes in it (like he did with the last couple). We want to see if this has any effect on the engine temperature creeping up at low idle. Then Dobbs unplugged us from shore power and we started removing dock lines. We used the long floating line to spring Grace’s bow into the wind as we departed, and it worked like a charm. We motored over to D-144 and used a spring line to warp the bow up as we backed into the slip. Passers-by sometimes stop and watch as we dock because we use a type of boat-handling not often seen anymore; yet it’s simple, graceful, and always works. We like that warping leaves nothing to chance - we can control the part of the boat the wind would otherwise blow off-course.

Even at the entrance to the fairway, conditions were notably calmer. It’s like an oasis over here compared to the north side of C-dock. I ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich for a mid-morning snack and then sat down to office work. Dobbs disassembled the tandem’s lower bracket and replaced the bearings, finding one of them crushed - the reason for the loud clicking when he was pedaling. After lunch, we cycled the rail trail to the Post Office in Mims, to ship back the other water pump. We also swung into Tractor Supply and returned some heat shrink tubing we didn’t need.

Back at Grace, I continued where I’d left off with pixel-pushing, and Dobbs repaired another abraded dock line. We met some new neighbors. Tonight’s dinner was a chicken and vegetable curry over rice.