A Little History

That photo of me at the bow of “Walden” was taken on August 29th, 2000. Exactly two months prior, Dobbs and I started a journey of cruising the eastern seaboard on our 1973 O’Day 27. We’d sold almost everything we owned to prepare “Walden”, and ourselves, for a cruising life.


We motored away from Owen’s Marina in Perryville, MD with a couple hundred dollars in our kitty and mixed feelings of anticipation and anxiety - a new (to us) boat, a new engine, and new world opening up to us, and no idea of what lay in store. Allowing time for a shakedown, we had to be in Connecticut at the beginning of July - at that time, Dobbs was still regularly performing as a juggler, fire-eater, and sword-swallower, and he’d been hired for OpSail 2000 in New London.


To say that our trip was an adventure, that we had many mis-adventures turned learning experiences, would be an understatement. I’ll save those stories for another time. The point of this story is that when I look at that photo, at the young girl who staked everything on the belief that a sailing life was her path to joy, and I recall all the challenges that Dobbs and I overcame to keep going, I am so glad. People we met along the way, who shared themselves with us, were the highlight of our travels.

From September 2000, a log entry summarizing our stay in Bridgeport.

From September 2000, a log entry summarizing our stay in Bridgeport.

We’re preparing to sail south, as we have in years past, and yet I still feel the excitement of not knowing what our days ahead will hold. I’m reminded that exploring takes more courage and creativity than money; that adventures lie at our doorstep as long as our eyes are open to them; and that I too can choose to be that person who welcomes a stranger and shares my world with them.

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