A Charging Run and Some Tennis

1/16 Wednesday, 63/45, partly cloudy, N10, 1142.5 - While the last couple days have been chilly from late afternoon through night into morning, Grace has stayed warm inside. Having a hot breakfast helps.


The batteries needed to be charged, so we went motoring north, almost to Haulover Canal, and back. We like to think this regular movement dissuades barnacles from attaching to our hull and prop. We have this hope, too, that it will encourage other people in the marina to take their boats out more often, instead of stagnating at the dock. Who doesn’t like a boat ride?


Once Grace was back in the slip, we washed a load of laundry. I ordered parts for a small rigging job, too. After lunch, Dobbs and I tried to fix the newsletter sign-up form on our website, because the information entered in the boxes doesn’t show. The form still works - the person does get added to our mailing list - but they can’t see what they’re typing. I tried months ago to solve the glitch, unsuccessfully. Dobbs and I tried all sorts of things over the course of an hour, to no avail. I suspect it has to do with font color and transparency, but we haven’t been able to isolate the parameter that controls it. I submitted an e-mail request for technical help.

At 2:30pm we walked to the park and played one and a half sets of tennis (we aim for about an hour of play every other day). Afterward we walked home hand-in-hand along Indian River Avenue, where there are some pretty and historic houses. The air was cool to be sitting in the cockpit late in the afternoon, but we did it anyway until we were downright uncomfortable. For that reason, we put showers ahead of dinner. Cooking warmed Grace’s interior nicely. I made a saute of butternut squash, onions, garlic, ground beef, cumin, and cauliflower. I was dubious about the internet recipe I was working from, but the meal was delicious. Dobbs and I are both tired tonight - the dishes can wait for morning, as can Murphy for a walk (he leads the charge to bed anyway).