Flurries in Titusville

1/11 Friday, 65/50, partly cloudy, E10 - I’m practicing visualizing positive experiences for my day, before I get out of bed (that is, if I wake up in advance of the alarm). When we started to have daily struggles, I got in the habit of dreading the day, wondering what new hurdle we would have to overcome. Now, in the protected setting of dockside in a mild climate, I have the opportunity to relearn optimism.

To charge our batteries, Dobbs volunteered to take Grace out by himself this morning, while I showered and worked on our laptop, up in the screened-in porch of the lounge. On the rare occasions that Dobbs and I aren’t together handling Grace, the change in perspective is beneficial for both of us . As I stand on the dock watching Grace’s tiny transom shrink in the distance, I admire her lines. Watching Dobbs warp Grace single-handed back into the slip is a treat - when I’m aboard, he makes my job as line-handler easy. His two-hour charging expedition took him north to Haulover Canal and back. Steering with his knees, he broke out his violin and played for a bit. He enjoyed the challenges and simplicities of being alone on Grace, and I enjoyed quiet time on the porch punctuated by the occasional chat with someone walking by. The engine stayed cool with the thermostat removed. We’re waiting for a thermal scanner to arrive in the mail (Harbor Freight) so we can check engine temperature at various points on the block. That should help confirm or eliminate the suggestion of a salt build-up restriction.

Once Grace was back in her slip, I hopped on board and washed the breakfast dishes; Dobbs went for a shower. We shared lunch. Our mail arrived today, so we had a belated Christmas after lunch, opening cards from friends and family. We’ve put every one of them up on our main salon shelf.


Taped to the front of the mailer was a boat card from acquaintances from the Northern Bay - Capts. Steve and Judy Weisbrod. They’re here on their Pearson 365, Norne Gaest. Steve spied our names on the incoming mail.


In the afternoon, Dobbs went “meet and greeting”, handing out Walden Rigging flyers at this marina and the one next door. He stopped by Norne Gaest to say hello and catch up. I did some boat cleaning. The ice box drain needed to be flushed, and I flushed the sink drains too. Next up was wiping down surfaces to clean them and remove spots of mildew. Now that we’re in a stable climate where air and water temperature are similar (and warm), we’re getting a lot less mildew, but I’m still playing catch-up from November.

Around 4pm, back at Grace, we settled in the cockpit with wine and cheese. Shortly after 5pm, I started making dinner - fish and chips (potato wedges) with steamed broccoli - we had plans later to attend a party in town. Steve and Judy came by around 6pm so we could walk up together.


US1 northbound was blocked off in the downtown and the street was filled with craft and food vendors and local companies and organizations advertising their services. The photos below are clickable with links to the vendors if you’d like to learn more.

A youth jazz band played tunes and the local dance company, FIERCE Dance & Fitness, put on shows.

There were play attractions for the kids. Also…snow! Concerned that the citizens of Titusville, where it’s 70-degrees and sunny almost every day, would be deprived of a true winter experience, the town had small snow machines set up on poles blowing snow flakes out over the crowd.

Around 8 o’clock, Steve and Judy wandered off to get cheesesteaks at Mainstreet Philly Cheesesteaks (it sure smells authentic) and Dobbs and I strolled slowly back through town, home to the marina.