Palm Coast Marina

12/30, 1021.3, 77/64, dense fog until 11am then sunny, SSE5 - We left our slip shortly after 7am, motoring south. We’d traveled perhaps 5 miles - just beyond the high bridge - when the fog became so thick visibility was reduced to a couple hundred yards. I didn’t feel safe to continue so we turned around and carefully made our way back to our slip at the marina. The official check-out time wasn’t until 11am. We went for a long walk, Murphy in tow, north along the sea wall to Castillo de San Marcos, around the fort, and back to the marina, zig-zagging through old and new parts of the town.

I called my Mom to wish her a happy 86th birthday. When we headed out again at 10:45, visibility was much better. Dobbs motored us along while I washed dishes, made lunch, and created a blog page. After lunch, I took the helm to steer down the pretty southern stretch of the Matanzas River. We stopped at Palm Coast Marina, mile 803, because we wouldn’t be able to make the next possible anchorage, mile 829, by sunset. We like it here - the people are friendly, there’s a comfy boaters’ lounge and patio, and it’s “no frills” - $20 gets us a 30’ fixed slip with no power and access to showers and laundry - perfect.


We partook of the book swap and washed a load of laundry. I wish I’d had time for a nap - I’m worn-down tired. I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and split pea soup for dinner. Now, showers, and then to bed just as fast as I can.