2/11 Monday, 79/64, partly cloudy, S10-15 - The rain cleared off last evening just before sunset, leaving us with a cloud-shrouded rainbow that was reminiscent of salt water taffy. When we were visiting Packet Inn the other night, Dobbs noticed that the lower shrouds were loose. He offered his services to teach Dave and Deanna about their rig and how to tune it (while doing so). They decided to stick around until this morning and let the unsettled weather pass over. Dobbs went to their boat at 7:30am to get started, since they wanted to be underway by 9am. I took care of washing the dishes and walking Murphy.

From the shore of Sand Point Park, Murph and I survey the work in progress.

From the shore of Sand Point Park, Murph and I survey the work in progress.

Once Dobbs saw the Planks off, we moved on to projects on Drakkar, the Columbia 8.7, with a brief pause to slurp down a delicious mango as a mid-morning snack. We focused on the boom, adding a bushing between the gooseneck toggle and mast bracket to prevent wear, improving the outhaul, and removing a slew of abandoned hardware that had accumulated over the years. West Marine Pro dropped the ball on the rope order for this job. I called this morning to sort it out - with any luck it will arrive tomorrow. We stopped at 12:15 for lunch and then rode to the hardware store for some fasteners and tools. We also had a package to ship at the Post Office. Rich from Green Ayes set down his shower bag and left it behind here in Titusville, so we’re shipping it to his home port of Key Biscayne.


We stopped for groceries on the way home and by the time we got back to the marina it was 4pm and time to start working on an early dinner, since tonight was game night at The Infinite Mushroom. I made tomatillo chicken stew. I have 1-2 more portions of the tomatillo salsa left, and then we’ll have to wait for summer and fresh tomatillos from Flying Plow Farm. 10 years ago I didn’t know how to use a tomatillo, or even what one was, and now they’re the main ingredient in one of my favorite dishes.


Up at the game store we played “Terraforming Mars”. It’s a complex game to get started, but it plays really well - competitive and cooperative. If we were in a position to buy the game, I would - I certainly recommend it. There’s a lot of thinking about resources, actions, and consequences that relates to our world.


Now, it’s 10:15pm - already past bed time and I’m certain I need a shower.