Another Beautiful Sail

2/7 Thursday, 79/55, sunny, SE5-10 - Dobbs and I both awoke feeling a touch muddled from the very good but heavy beers we enjoyed last evening. Then, when I fired up the stove to make coffee, our propane tank ran out. We keep a spare 1lb. cylinder for when this happens, so it wasn’t a big deal except that I had to roust Dobbs from sleep 45 minutes earlier than usual. He crawled out without grumbling and switched out the tank.


After breakfast, I created a couple more blog pages and Dobbs lubed the tandem’s chains and made some adjustments to the forward crank and bearing. His crank had started clicking again and he wanted to try to quiet it. Mid-morning, we ate some oranges in the cockpit. We rode to Walmart because I wanted to check my weight and blood pressure, and they have one of those automated kiosks. I think I have a sense for my weight but, away from a scale for weeks at a time, I get concerned that I could be gaining or losing by increments that I don’t notice but add up. I love food, so I want to make sure I’m honoring the resources and my body through healthy eating habits (Tastycakes and beer notwithstanding). While we were there, we picked up a couple items that aren’t found locally. We stopped at the hardware store on the way home, for fasteners, a screwdriver, and wooden dowels to make simple fids for our upcoming 3-strand splicing class.

Back at Grace we ate a late lunch. I unpacked the port quarterberth to stow some empty canning jars and our hoard of Tastycakes. A new client came by and scheduled a basic rigging inspection for his Island Packet 350. In the late afternoon, we took Grace out sailing - 79-degrees, sunny, and SE breeze at a solid 10 knots - beautiful. We beat south until 4:45pm and then broad-reached back to the marina.

Shortly after Grace was tied up, a neighbor from C-dock came seeking Dobbs’ help with a stuck jib sleeve. It started to blow out in the strong winds two weeks ago and a loose line tangled in the standing rigging. Dobbs climbed up and had it down in less than 15 minutes.

I made spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner and then we had Tastycakes for dessert.


Chris stopped by for a brief visit, and then from 7:30-8:30pm, Dobbs gave me a refresher course in splicing 3-strand. Since there’s always at least twice the office work to hands-on labor, Dobbs does most of our splicing. It’s good for me to brush up on my skills now and again. We’re showered and ten o’clock approaches - Good Night!