Almost to Florida

12/28 Friday, 1108.7, 70/61, cloudy with thunderstorms passing west of us, SE20 - We’re WARM - finally! When I opened my eyes at 5 o’clock this morning, there was no condensation on the ceiling. I’d slept in a T-shirt and pajama bottoms, serenely relaxed and comfortable. We were underway shortly after dawn, motoring south down the Brickhill River.

Our intended dog stop was Plum Orchard Dock. Dobbs tried twice to bring Grace alongside, but the dock sits on a corner where the current relaxes in an eddy, and he couldn’t get the control he wanted to counteract the breeze blowing onto the dock. We anchored in the river, launched the dinghy, and I rowed Murphy in instead. Murphy is a gem of a dog when it comes to knowing why we go to shore and attending to matters expediently. I rowed back to Grace, and we loaded Coquille  on the foredeck and continued south. At the pinch point of the Cumberland Dividings, where the Brickhill River rejoins the Cumberland River, it’s good to have a rising tide, which we did. The channel is shoaled significantly - Dobbs saw 5’ at 1-2 hours into the flood.

Motoring by Fernandina Beach, we were awed by the hurricane damage. Lots of rubble piles where buildings once stood and boats washed ashore. The Fernandina Beach Marina is mostly closed - many of the docks are gone and only the pilings remain. It looks like they’re working on cleaning up and rebuilding.

Throughout the day we took turns at the helm.

Whoa! Them’s some purple socks, Sir.

Whoa! Them’s some purple socks, Sir.

At 4:30pm, we pulled into the Sisters Creek public dock. It’s a very nice concrete floating dock with fresh water, that adjoins a park with restrooms, trash, boat launch, and picnic areas.


The security of being tied to a dock again is giving us an almost overwhelming sense of relaxation. We’re both fighting to stay awake. Murphy was joyful for a second trip to shore inside of 12 hours. The tide range decreased significantly today too - we went from 8.8” thing morning to 5.2” here. It’s 8pm and the forecast thunderstorms have arrived - again, it’s a relief to be dockside.