Just Doing What We Do

2/13 Wednesday, 61/52, mostly cloudy with periods of rain, N20 - Last night, around 2:30am, a squall line came through, preceded by 30-35 knot winds and flashes of lightning. I clambered outside to take down the dodger awning and Dobbs popped up shortly after to lend a hand. Then, while I tucked back inside, he went around checking and adjusting our dock lines. The wind-driven chop in the marina basin made it a bit too bouncy to sleep in the V-berth, so we sat up reading. Rain didn’t start until closer to 4am, and then the breeze backed off enough to go back to bed. We slept until close to 8am. It rained all morning.

Some of the rope we’d been waiting for arrived, so Dobbs made up a new mainsheet for the Columbia 8.7. I washed a load of laundry that included a blanket and our main salon curtains, and then started cleaning Grace’s cabin. Every couple weeks it’s necessary to wipe everything down to eradicate mold and mildew. Today I did ceilings, outside walls, windows, and about half the cabinet interiors.

We had lunch, re-hung the curtains, and then rode to Walmart and Staples. The bike got a flat back tire just as we were pulling into Walmart. While I shopped, Dobbs replaced the tube. I bought a new rag rug for under Grace’s table because the current one is so old and has been washed so many times it’s turning to mulch. I bought new sneakers to replace my dead Converse - the soles were so flattened they felt like high-top flippers. Salt in a grinder was a necessity, and then we needed two other grocery items. When I got outside, Dobbs was waiting with the bike all ready to go. We printed more rigging inspection checklists at Staples and headed home.

West Marine assures us we’ll have the rest of our order tomorrow by 3pm. We took our wine and cheese indoors - too damp and cool for cockpit lounging. Murphy and Maxwell approve of the new rug. I caught up two more blog pages and then made fried tilapia with macaroni and cheese and red beets.