E-mail Campaigns and Snow Hurricanes

Thursday, January 4th - The "snow hurricane" arrived during the night, and we awoke to the wind roaring through the tree tops and a half-inch of snow.  The flakes were tiny and light and blew in swirls off the roofs of homes and into drifts.  Today's high, 23-degrees; tonight's low 10-degrees; wind WNW at 20-30mph.

Yesterday's time outside had a deleterious effect on Dobbs' breathing so he's staying indoors today, doing his share of office work.  I spent most of the day assembling my first campaign e-mail in Mail Chimp, a monthly newsletter for Walden Rigging, which I finally got around to sending at 4pm.  Like spending my time learning how to use YouTube, I think my efforts today will contribute to future successes.  I'd hoped to start on listing "Whimsey", our 1971 Venture 22, for sale, but the time for a walk to the beach intervened.

 Our girl at the top of her game, sailing into Key West in 2013.

Our girl at the top of her game, sailing into Key West in 2013.

Sailing "Whimsey", a 1971 Venture 22, from Key West, around Boca Grande, and back, through the back country.

And now back to our regularly scheduled local ice and snow...

Conditions were brisk, but for whatever reason didn't feel as cold to me as previous days.  The wind blowing across the ice whipped the snow into drifts across the sand, with sandy swirls that looked like the top of a cappucino. 


The sun was vibrant.  Several neighbors came down as sunset approached, sharing the human, hopeful experience of basking in the orange glow together.


For dinner, along with fish, red beets (still fresh in storage from October), and macaroni and cheese, I rehydrated green beans that I'd dried in July.  They were delicious!  One of the reasons I share our meal choices is because I continue to be amazed by how well we can eat locally, by learning what to appreciate seasonally, what we can store, and how best to store it.  I bought a Presto dehydrator this past summer, and I can't say enough good things about it.  The time investment to prepare the food for storage is small compared to canning, and the rehydrated food isn't just edible - it's actually good.

Earlier, I talked with my Mom on the phone.  She’s 85 and still lives at home in Pennsylvania.  We lost my father 10 years ago this past October.  I was reminded of Dad tonight when I saw this empty chair looking out over the water, watching the sunset.  On a dock on Clear Lake in Elgin, Ontario, Canada, this was his favorite thing to do.  


My mom is doing well, having run errands and prepared herself yesterday for today’s storm.  I’m grateful to her for recognizing the importance of taking care of herself in order to protect her independence.