Back to Work

Tuesday, January 2nd - our first day back to work in the new year.  6am came dark and chilly, but espresso roast coffee and the fire light of the pellet stove warmed me into consciousness.  The primary goal for today was to set up new files for 2018 and recycle or add to the kindling pile those from 2010.  Once of the best business decisions we made last year was to stop buying (and wearing out) expensive paper shredders and instead set up a fireplace on our front porch, where we can use the paper as a fire-starter and then burn dead wood that falls on our property thoughout the year.  We eliminated the drudgery and frustration of paper-shredding and replaced it with fun Friday night fires that draw the neighbors over to visit.

 We roast "Peeps", too - Halloween Frankenstein shown here.

We roast "Peeps", too - Halloween Frankenstein shown here.

We use both sides of a sheet of paper for printing.  Anything from 2010 that was blank on one side gets sorted out and put into the printer paper stack for 2018.  I hope this means that the trees and chemical impact of making that ream of paper in 2010 have at least eight years to recover. 


Dobbs continued making up new "home" dock lines for Grace - 1/2" nylon 3-strand with eyes spliced in one end and back-splices to finish the other, plus chafe protection.


Together, we baked sandwich bread - I made up the loaves and Dobbs handled the baking while I ran out to the grocery store. 

 Never mind the pirate look...

Never mind the pirate look...

We make our own sandwich bread whenever we can, which is most of the time.  The recipe I work from produces a loaf with a nice but not too thick crust and a subtly chewy, light interior, that holds together well when sliced for sandwiches packed with vegetables. 

 I plan to share it with you but, since it's a combination of several recipes with a strategy in mind, I want to wait until I can put it all together.

I plan to share it with you but, since it's a combination of several recipes with a strategy in mind, I want to wait until I can put it all together.

In the afternoon, I worked my way through posting receipts from over the holidays and reconciling accounts.

Dobbs is still recovering from bronchitis, so he opted to stay home while Murphy and I took a sunset walk on the beach.

The ice on the river was shifting - popping and groaning with a sound both eerie and awesome.  

I did get some interesting shots of the sunset through a sheet of heaved ice - almost like blown glass, or being underwater (which I was, come to think of it - just FROZEN water!).


It's still bitter cold - the high was in the 20's and the low is 13-degrees with a small craft advisory for wind.  My fingers get frosted trying to work with the camera.  

Tonight for dinner I made rigatoni with red pepper sauce from peppers I roasted and canned back in September, seasoned with pesto I made and froze over the summer, and topped with rehydrated kale and patty-pan squash chunks that I'd dried for storage.  Topped off with parmesan cheese and a small handful of mozzarella chunks, it made a good meal.

I'm filled with gratitude that, in 17 years, Walden Rigging has grown from a part-time seasonal venture into full-time year-round gainful employment.