A Brief Respite from the Cold

Wednesday, January 3rd - This morning I worked on creating the blog entry for yesterday.  I had a lot I wanted to share and then I kept inspiring myself to include even more.  It took until 11:45am (from 8:30am) to finish my art.  I was reminded that time and completion are important factors and that if I want to keep writing, I must respect them both.  However, I'm glad that I pursued my vision to completion because I learned some about YouTube video editing in the process.

After lunch, North East was treated to three delightful hours of temperatures right around freezing, bright sunshine, and almost no breeze.  I'm not kidding - it felt downright balmy compared to the frigid conditions we've been enduring for a week now.  Today was the day to enjoy it, as the Arctic blast is set to return this evening and stay through the weekend.  Given the temporarily favorable conditions, Dobbs and I built another section of the fence around our yard.


By the time we walked to the beach, the sky was overcast, the sun just a pinkish tinge in the grey.  The highlight of our walk was the "singing" ice.  The sound of it shifting Dobbs described as like a bass glass armonica - mesmerizing.  

At dinnertime, we watched the last episode of the Smithsonian's "Million Dollar American Princesses" series and ate butternut squash and tomatillo soup with black bean quesadillas.  

Tonight, I'm grateful for the frozen "water music" experience of earlier.  It also makes me very happy that, though my photos don't show it, we're rarely the only ones visiting the beach at sunset, even in winter.