Update on The Learning Curve

Suzanne writes: 

After two days of downloading updates, our new Dell Inspiron 11.6" laptop became operational.  It does seem that it needs more internet connection than we can give it on a regular basis, so it doesn't work as well as our desktop computers or our smartphones.  It's slow and crashes frequently.  It's a shame, because I'm impressed with its size - small but comfortable - and I like the graphics and its "presentation".  Since our plans to sail south this winter have changed, I don't envision using it much right now; however, I intend to give it the opportunity to prove itself on future travels. 

Regarding our online presence - website, blog, and social media, we're feeling some "growing pains" trying to find our voice.  Walden Rigging had the same website for more than 10 years.  I liked that it was informative and attractive, and most importantly that it required little upkeep.  But, the look was getting dated and we had at least a few complaints that it wasn't smartphone-friendly, so I made the move to Squarespace.  Perhaps in a couple more months or a year, we'll be proficient with their site-builder, but right now it feels cumbersome.  Like the laptop, we'll keep trying!

Having made several attempts at blogging, I have a much greater appreciation for the art that other folks create for our education and entertainment.  It's real work to put together a polished presentation day after day.  When we sailed south in 2015, I used my personal Facebook page to share daily log entries, photos and videos.  Facebook's limited format made it easy to make postings, and I liked being able to share my experiences with others.  The drawbacks were that my audience was limited, there wasn't a direct link to Walden Rigging, and my postings were being lost for lack of a good way to organize them.  With "Sailing Gracefully", Dobbs and I have the opportunity to enrich what we share and how we share it, provided we can figure out a style that works for us.