The Learning Curve

Our plan for this winter, while we travel, is to improve on our new mobile-friendly website, which includes this blog.  Like everything we've endeavored to do in life, we're finding there's a learning curve working in new digital/mobile/social media formats.  We recognized that our smartphones were small for the task, so we purchased a basic laptop.  We've been trying to set it up, but it's suggesting that it may be more WIFI hungry than we want to support.  Lots of places nowadays do have free WIFI, but they're typically not in the quiet rural areas where we're likely to be.  We've never been ones to chase down free WIFI and it seems too great a sea change to start basing our cruising decisions on its availability now.  

For now, we'll be working from our smartphones.  We're new to blogging and new to Squarespace.  Undoubtedly some photos will end up in the wrong places and achieving a polished design will take practice.  Just like sailing, it's not something we learn all on day one, but it gets better every time we go out there.