Jack O'Lantern 10/25/17

Today was a day of preparing our cottage for our absence.  Dobbs took scrap metal off to Elkton Metal Recycling and continued putting decals on the rigging trailer.  Applying decals with precision takes time - there's a lot of measuring, eyeballing, and careful pressing out.  I baked bread, dehydrated scallions, and made it more than halfway around our cottage's perimeter with landscape cloth and large rocks.  The crawlspace under the house is lined, insulated, and fairly tidy, and small animals occasionally find it appealing.  We're hoping the rocks make it more challenging to tunnel under there.

At 4 o'clock, we took the new laptop to the library, hoping an infusion of free WIFI would boost its performance.  It seems to have missed its initial setup, because we don't have free WIFI at home,  and it runs slow or not at all.  After almost two hours, we'd made no progress.  Without a breakthrough, we plan to return it and re-work our media strategy. 

The evening ended well.  We enjoyed steaming bowls of butternut squash chili, made in a pressure cooker, and then, for the first time in two years, we had the time to carve a pumpkin.

 The result is Foredeck Jack (-o-Lantern). 

The result is Foredeck Jack (-o-Lantern).