15 miles to Staples and Back

1/21 Monday, 57/50, sunny, N15-20 - We plugged in to power to charge yesterday at noon and then enjoyed the snuggly warmth of a space heater through the night. As the wind shifted from NW to N, the boats in the marina began to dance in their slips. We have some extra dock lines on Grace, at the important points, for security. This morning, when I had thoroughly bundled myself up, I ventured outside to do a load of laundry. Dobbs took Murphy for a morning walk and met “the squirrel man”, whose name, he learned today, is Bob. Convenient, that! I worked some on new blog pages (nothing finished yet) and a parts order for upcoming work. Dobbs disassembled the front crank bearing on our bicycle (it was noisy), cleaned it, and packed it with fresh grease.


After lunch we rode southwest to Staples to print out more flyers and rigging inspection checklists, stopped at Walmart for a pack of bike cables (the “universal” ones will fit all but the tandem’s longest shift cable), visited Ten Speed Drive Bicycle Center for the one remaining cable ($4 - try THAT with a boat part), and bought some groceries before returning to the marina - 15 miles all told.


We received some packages today - parts and tools for more engine service and also rigging work, which will become tomorrow’s projects. We had snack inside, as it was just too cold and windy to sit outside. Before sunlight faded completely, Dobbs managed to replace the two brake cables. The front brake is a disc brake, which is pretty cool. The front fork has shock absorbers, too.


I made broccoli alfredo with tuna and lemon over tri-color rotini for dinner. We’ve been listening to music - “Day of the Clipper” sung by Tommy Makem and Liam Clancy, “The Mary Ellen Carter” by Stan Rogers, and a Three Dog Night album.

Dobbs is on his 5th wind and has the bed made and is about to start on the dishes. It works out well that I get up an hour earlier than him and he goes to bed an hour later than me - I start the day and he ends it.