1/26 Saturday, 61/54, mostly cloudy, NNE20 - THIS WIND SUCKS. Edited for gratitude: “This wind encourages me to spend time reading below on Grace, where I appreciate our snug interior.”

In other news, we ordered the wrong thread size on the water pump. On their website, Catalina Direct does a fine job of describing the challenge of determining pipe size, and we got “bit” by the confusion and ordered a pump for 1/2” thread instead of 3/8”. I ordered the right one this morning, as soon as we discovered our mistake. I’ll figure out how to return the other one on Monday. And so we wait.

Dobbs and I decided to pay for a month of electricity because the wind blowing through the boat makes the air temperature feel much cooler. We could stop up the vents, but I think keeping the fresh air flow and adding a little heat is better for us.

We rode the tandem out to the tennis court to play a set. Two kids swinging in the park - a brother and sister about 8 & 7 years old - liked our bicycle and followed us to the court, where they asked if they could watch (sure). We explained the game, and as we played they fetched balls, learned the scoring and its idiosyncrasies (“love” instead of zero, then 15, 30, then 40, 50 and game), and cheered us on. The young man asked “Why not 45 after 30?” and I willed Dobbs not to go into scoring mechanics with an eight-year-old. After the first game, we showed them how to swing and encouraged them to try some hits. They stayed to watch our second game and then their folks came by to pick them up. Later on, a little guy about 6 came in to watch and I encouraged him to try a few swings too. The young ones don’t have the motor skills to play yet, but I figure putting a racket in their hands and letting them feel what it’s like to hit the ball may encourage them to pick it up when they’re older. Adjacent to the tennis courts are two basketball courts where kids were playing on one and a group of men on the other. Families were setting up picnics under the pavilion. The parks here get used, which is nice to see.

Depending on which route we take to the park, we sometimes pass the Walker Hotel, which sports this handsome front door.

We rode home for a late lunch and then Dobbs walked up to The Infinite Mushroom to meet Chris for some Sails of Glory action. I stayed behind, wrote up a menu for the coming week and a corresponding grocery list, and then trundled up to Sav-A-Lot for groceries. After I got back to Grace and finished putting things away, I took a relaxing hot shower. Dressed in comfy clothes and nestled on my cushion at the settee, I created a blog page and read until it was time to take Murphy for a walk.

Dobbs and Chris were just pulling into the parking lot (Chris has a car). I made Sicilian yellow squash pasta for dinner and Dobbs and I chuckled at our stumbling around inside our pitching yacht - “Very nautical”. During the meal, the hot sauce went sliding across the table and the dishes tapped in the cabinets. Yesterday, Dobbs read that being rocked like a baby helps with sleep…not sure this counts.